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Are Childhood Immunizations Really Necessary, Are They Save and Do They Work?


Are Childhood Immunizations Really Necessary, Are They Save and Do They Work?

Submitted by Dr. Ted Broer on Thu, 08/20/2015 – 13:49
Most children in the United States receive thirty-three doses of ten different vaccines before they reach age five, according to a report aired by CBS News in September 2000. The vaccines reportedly provide protection for “everything from childhood diseases like chicken pox to adult diseases like hepatitis B.”

I have told my readers for thirty years that I believe there is a correlation between vaccines and autism. However I also believe that this is a multifaceted problem. There are many toxins in today’s environment that are probability involved in this massive increase in autism.
Recently a supposedly top CDC official after being tormented with guilt for ten years is claiming anonymously, with hidden research that the MMR shot is linked to autism in black males and was intentionally covered up by the CDC. If this man comes forward and his claims are found to be true it will be earth shattering to the multibillion dollar vaccine industry.
It will also be the end of his professional career.

This disclosure if true, is actually a really big deal to me. I wrote a book on this over ten years ago. Main stream pediatric medicine along with the vaccine industries have been helping to cover this truth for over thirty years.
I have been in business since 1981. For over thirty years I have been talking about key issues like immunizations, statins, hydrogenated oils, sodium nitrate, fluoride, chlorine, artificial sweeteners ,bovine growth hormone, exogenous estrogens like soy and BPA, Ritalin and attention deficit disorder, prozac and suicide, prozac and school shootings. This list just goes on and on.
The problem is that I have been decades ahead of my time warning you about these threats.
My time is spent primarily in reading and research. That’s why you can count on
Everything, I tell you is heavily documented.
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Below you will find two links to the CDC breaking story and an extensive article I have written on immunizations.
I call you all Blessed!
Ted Broer

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